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March 8th, 2014 (2014 already? Man, you are getting OLD!)


Many of you know, few of you cared, that I spent April through October of 2013 in a morphine, codeine, OxyCodone haze due to a lumbar disc explosion that occurred as I brushed my teeth on the morning of my Father's funeral. I am assuming that Popster had just finished reading through my personal files and zapped me as a punishment.

 Regardless of cause, my injury greatly inhibited me from being up and around, and the drugs put severe restrictions on my "writing" practice. This will soon change. In the meantime, if you are a first-time visitor I hope you will enjoy at least some of the stories posted here.

 If you are a return visitor, keep your pants on.


i have removed my Orthodox Iconography website "Irish-Copeland.com" for the time being, as the need to catch up on household tasks put on hold over my long and painful recuperation last year takes precedent over writing any new Icon orders. Or so my beautiful wife tells me.


Spring, with its miserable green growth explosion is my very least favorite of the four seasons. Despite this, I hope that you will enjoy it.